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"Horror is all about pushing the limits of good and evil, of how far these forces will go to prevail. The results of this struggle in fiction, and in reality, is where terror is born."
-- Jeremy Bishop




After taking the horror world by storm with TORMENT, Jeremy Bishop attracted the attention of's horror imprint, 47 North, who signed him to a two book deal for both a re-release of The Sentinel and it's sequel, The Raven. Both books follow the horror's most sarcastic heroine, Jane Harper, and are available to order now.

The Raven Cover
THE RAVEN continues the story of Jane Harper
, the tough, sarcastic heroine from THE SENTINEL. After dealing with a horde of Viking zombies, Jane discovers that the situation is quickly spiraling out of control. The infection isn't just spreading, it's plotting, seeking out the best way to wipe out humanity starting with a host of infected the ocean. This is Moby Dick meets Shaun of the Dead with enough sarcastic humor to keep you smiling while the world goes to hell.

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Sentinel Cover
THE SENTINEL introduces Jane Harper
, a tough, sarcastic heroine who faces off against the Draugar—the Viking monster that inspired modern stories of both zombies and vampires. The story takes place on a deserted island, just North of Greenland's Arctic Circle. Ouch. .
In contrast to the very serious TORMENT, THE SENTINEL is full of sarcastic humor, making the book as humorous as it is frightening.

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Torment Cover
is a horror novel combining the age old post appocalyptic (nuclear) landscape with the always entertaining zombie sub-genre.

But don't think you've read this book before! The twist takes both story elements into uncharted lands and explores the nature of good vs. evil in a very unique way.

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"Jeremy Bishop takes a terrifying bite out of the zombie genre with TORMENT.  This is a dark and devious post-apocalypting thrill-ride!"  -Jonathan Maberry, NY Times Bestselling authr of PATIENT ZERO and ROT & RUIN

"TORMENT is a nightmarish descent through Armageddon. With barely a pause for breath, Bishop drags you out of normality, straight into the depths of a devastated post-apocalyptic landscape. Surreal and extraordinary locations, grotesque characters and outlandish events rise up from the devastated ashes of the familiar in this startlingly original horror novel. Dreamlike, disturbing and never predictable, once you start reading, you won't want to put it down."
-- David Moody, author of HATER, DOG BLOOD and the AUTUMN series.

"With originality not seen since Fleischer's Zombieland, Bishop's debut novel will drag you kicking and screaming to the very bloody end. Look out Maberry ... there's a new sheriff in town." --

“Jeremy Bishop explodes onto the zombie scene with TORMENT, a thought-provoking gorefest that turns the genre on its head. Both shocking and riveting, this is a debut novel that leaves the reader hungry for more.” -- Steven Savile, #1 International bestselling author of PRIMEVAL and SILVER

"This is one of those kick-ass icky books that constantly surprised me. I’m looking forward to what Bishop has up his sleeve next." -- Jeff Ayers, Author Magazine

“TORMENT is a fast paced horror story filled with monsters and zombies (but not the kind you might expect in a novel like this). [It’s] gory and intense, all things a book like this should be.”
-- TheManEatingBookworm




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